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Helping Others Pursue Excellence (HOPE)


Discover Me Workshops

Discover Me Workshops

Ages 10 – 13
Daughters of Esther Workshops

Daughters of Esther Workshops

Ages 14 – 17

Enrichment Workshops

Through our workshops we seek to enrich and transform the lives of youth who may be dealing with negative or stressful home environments, lack of emotional and educational support, negative peer pressure, or transient living conditions and homelessness. Youth who experience these conditions are often times at risk for educational setbacks, teen pregnancy, drug or alcohol abuse, and trouble with the law.

Our workshops address these issues by:

  • building and strengthening through spiritual awareness, self-awareness and social awareness.
  • teaching principles and techniques to positively address emotional and physical circumstances.
  • providing experiences for mental, social, and academic growth.

Beyond our workshops, we will provide continuing emotional and social support to our young ladies, throughout early adulthood.

See our Workshop Goals below.

Discover Me (DM) Workshops

The DM program has 4 workshop topics.

DOE Workshops

The DOE program has 10 workshop topics.

Workshop Goals

Workshop Goals

  1. Foster active and healthy lifestyle choices
  2. Improve social and emotional health
  3. Cultivate positive identity and character
  4. Strengthen academic achievement
  5. Provide awareness and guidance for college and career direction

Would you like to request a Workshop for Girls?

TDF General Workshop for Girls Format

Get Involved

Volunteer at one of our workshops for girls and share your knowledge, experience, and love with our young ladies.

Help Fund a Workshop

Your $25 donation allows 1 girl to attend a workshop.

Donations to TDF are tax deductible.

TDF Calendar of Events

Check our event schedule for upcoming workshops for girls.

Small Strides

TDF has partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Virginia – Capitol One, to enrich the lives of young ladies from the City of Richmond. The program was able to strengthen these young ladies in social and emotional skills, to equip them to be more successful in school and make better decisions in their day-to-day lives.