The Delores Foundation, Inc.

Helping Others Pursue Excellence (HOPE)

2014 Goals for Discover Me

As we continue to assess the effectiveness of the Discover Me Program we recognized some additional needs.  These needs will be address as we meet the following 5 goals:

Short-Term Goals for Discover Me
  1. Weekly Sessions — Hold sessions weekly, instead of twice a month.
  2. Parent Workshops — Assess the needs of parents of participants and address those needs through parent workshops.
  3. Daughters of Esther Mentor Program — Implement a mentor program for young ladies 15-18 years of age.
  4. Summer Program — Add a summer program that will be an extension of the Discover Me:Health Unit and will focus on healthy living, healthy lifestyles, and the importance of exercise.
  5. Additional Partnerships — Partner with 3 other Boys and Girls Clubs that service at-risk* youth.
* At-risk youth is defined as youth who have a high exposure to violence, drugs & alcohol, sexual behavior, and criminal behavior.

In order to accomplish these goals, it will take the support of volunteers, sponsors, and partners! Like to help? Volunteer here. Want to make a donation? Donate here.

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