As we continue to assess the effectiveness of the Discover Me Program we recognized some additional needs.  These needs will be address as we meet the following 5 goals:

Short-Term Goals for Discover Me

  1. Weekly Sessions — Hold sessions weekly, instead of twice a month.
  2. Parent Workshops — Assess the needs of parents of participants and address those needs through parent workshops.
  3. Daughters of Esther Mentor Program — Implement a mentor program for young ladies 15-18 years of age.
  4. Summer Program — Add a summer program that will be an extension of the Discover Me:Health Unit and will focus on healthy living, healthy lifestyles, and the importance of exercise.
  5. Additional Partnerships — Partner with 3 other Boys and Girls Clubs that service at-risk* youth.

* At-risk youth is defined as youth who have a high exposure to violence, drugs & alcohol, sexual behavior, and criminal behavior.

In order to accomplish these goals, it will take the support of volunteers, sponsors, and partners! Like to help? Volunteer here. Want to make a donation? Donate here.

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